Catherine Haenze

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  I can not thank him enough for making this dream come true.

tales from the kitchen sink

     "Born in New Orleans, and beginning the trek at six months old of approximately 34 moves in my life. Those moves included living overseas 3 times and traveling to about ten other countries. AND I loved it. It's made it hard to finally settle down, my feet get really itchy. 
     I've "embroidered" the truth since I could talk. Fortunately, I had parents who knew the difference between lies and fanciful. I started writing when I was about ten and have been writing most of my life.

     I married my Navy husband when I was 2 weeks short of 19 years old, and in the following years, had the joy of raising three children.

     While my husband was preparing for ministry, I entered college at age 41 in Toccoa Falls, Ga. I worked primarily in the school's radio station: Toccoa Falls Radio: 90.9. At that time of night, the audience is really listening,I worked all the shifts, but especially enjoyed the late night/early morning times. At that time of night the audience is really listening. I enjoyed late night calls from my listeners. When my husband graduated after two years, we moved to Temple, Texas. I was accepted by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and graduated in two years, at age 45 with a BA/Art degree.

     For more about me, read the leaf "Time Was" which will be a work in progress until I no longer can function on this Earth.

   "Enjoy them all, and write if you like."