The Prophet's Request
                                                                 I Kings 19:40-46


In your strength, Jehovah, the deed is done; the course is run.
Of the prophets of Baal, none are left on the mountain, not even one.
You have shown Your mighty strength and power.
Your fire totally consumed the dripping ox on this very hour.
In that devouring fire holiness, and powers are displayed for all to see.
Now I am alone with You, upon this mountain’s apogee.

     You used my mouth this very day to open it wide with words to say
     to Ahab that though the sky’s not grey, rain will come, he should not stay.
     Bring rain down upon his head, for he has yet to believe what you have said.
     He laughs and jokes at what you’ve done, still by Jezebel he’s led.
     Bring rain. Bring rain. Bring rain and show your hand in stength.
     Let it rain on the countryside back and froth for it’s full length.

          I’ve prayed and asked for such a time.  My servant sees nothing in the sky.
          Not the tiniest, nor smallest speck in the air seems to be drawing nigh.
          Did I not hear what you said so deeply within my troubled mind?
          I searched my heart, my very soul, and nothing deeply hidden do I find
          No thing stands between you and me to keep this request as I want it to be.

          With copius tears and renting of clothes, I cry praying you will set me free

                I believe with all my heart, in Your that stirring of my soul, you spoke to me
                during the night while I was on bended knee cryng out my ernest plea.
                Deeply bowing while tears ran down my cheeks, crying from their soul in vain
                as tears, fall from my heart before my God. Wrenching sobs like tears of Cain.
                My mind's in twain: they don't deserve another warning, but, Lord, neither do I.
                I encased myself in Righteousness. Anger rose wihin my being, deeply, I sigh.

      For, there within my soul, I heard you whisper one mighty little byword:
      that word full of gentleness, yet mighty to turn the lock by this one password.
      Jesus. Is there another sound that contracts for one to hear it's might
      When this soul whispers in your ear, there's no doubt the One Almighty
      Has spoken just to you, your marching orders deep within your heart.
      Only are the words of prayer, found upon your kness, is the only place to start.

The soul is relieved. The Words will fall to every one, some to hear, others not.
But this I know, I am Yours, and You are Mine. You consumed the spreading blot,
of death and sin, that harms not only me. How many others haven't a clue
to know You? How many others have fallen to Satan"s plans and misconstrue?
But He holds you, and would hold them with love and care, if they only knew.
The Way to him is only one, the way from Him is wide and bright, an avenue.

     Before the rains began, he had already girded his loins to tell those in danger.
     the path to His salvation and love no longer needs to be a hidden stranger.
     We only have simple things to do once we know the way, love Him, and ask.
     with Him beside you, nothing He asks, may be hard, but not a task.
     Tell those who know him not of how He loves them every chance you see.
     For they, you'll meet in Heaven, because you shared, will spend eternity.  

1. Have you ever done something you were sure the Lord was leading you to do, and now you   seem to be alone with that decision?
2. Why is it that some people seem to get off "scot-free" no matter what they've done.
3. When you are ernestly seeking to follow God's leading, does it bother you that others who     hardly try, are   blessed?
4. How did the building feeling that you deserve more than someone who shrugs off the call of       God?
5. At that time, are you open to draw closer to God and allow Him to minister to you.
6. How comfortable are you with the number of people you have spoken to, to open their hearts     and minds to accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior

Remember, it's not the size of the church, it's the growing faith and outreach of your church. My idea for these poems is for each one to be read once at the beginning of whenever you begin your week. Then to mull over the questions one a day.  I plan to change these poems on a weekly basis. But, since I put this up, I have found that "life" has a different idea. Just read them and enjoy and grow closer to Our Father. 





1. Which one do you like best and why?
2. What about nations that are directly against our Lord and God?
3. What sacrifices might you have to make even in America?
4. What if you are/were in a more closed nation?
5. What does "Righteousness Involving Sacrifice" do you believe you have made?
6. What does the phrase "Peace Established As Christ Exalted" mean? Can you give yourself a positive answer?

Type your paragraph here.


                                                            The Evidence
                          In memory of those Christians standing before the world because of Faith in Jesus Christ.

Standing in the Court's dark dock,
hearing the ceaseless ticking of the clock,
she knew they'd guilty find her
assured so by her hopeless lawyer.

        Her self was divided by this twisty continued lot.
        There was no hope of being set free of the garotte.
        Her life had taken this strange curve
        following this wandering, hurtful nerve.

                 Her comfortable, predictable life,
                 had become filled with awful strife.
                 She'd tried to be quiet as a mouse
                 as she moved about the house

                            Her children she must protect from harm,
                            and keep them free from all alarm.
                            They'd been too young for the hangman's noose.
                            Yet their faith had the deepest roots.

                                  When the enemy took them before her eyes,
                                  Their confidence was strong they would arise.
                                  For they, like she, was not afraid and alone.
                                  She knew that to her deepest, frailest bone.

                                      For unknown by others who were here
                                      another stood close, strong and near.
                                      He would take her by the hand,
                                      and lead her to the promised land.

                                 She might be “guilty” of loving him.
                                 She loved to sing aloud a praising hymn.
                                 But He would stand before the Heavenly judge.
                                 There then being no chance He would misjudge.

                       With Christ standing before as her advocate,
                       the God of all would not equivocate,
                       but open his arms and call her daughter.
                       For Christ's own blood had brought her

               to this Holy Land to live for all eternity,
               and into the closest, longest lasting fraternity
               of those who love and seek to serve,
               joined with those of His prosterity.

Who can guess what lies ahead of us?
But this we know, forever thus
we, with our kin and friends one and all,
will sing praises in our Father's hall.

Romans 10:9-10

"If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved."

1. Make a list of things God has done for you: little thing and big things.
2. Have you ever thanked Him when what you wanted didn't come or happen?
3. Do you check your plans with Him before you proceed?
4. How aware are you of His presence?
5. Do you miss Him? Sounds like and odd question, doesn't it?
6. How much time do you spend actively seeking Him?

                                                               "God! Are You Really There?"
                                                                          Romans 8:17

        If God is with me, why must I suffer so?
             Because of little faith we sway beneath each blow
                  rocking back and forth and crying out,
 our spirits heaving under fresh doubt,
    our knees buckling, but not in prayer.
                   We treat God like the Great Betrayer
                       blaming Him for our daily ills.
                                              Prayers become mere empty drills.

 Do I really think the Father plans my disaster?
          Don't I know yet my life is in the hands of the Master
            of all the universe far and near and all around?
      Why then do I run and hide seeking not to be found?
I cover my soul with Satan's thick gloom
                                          instead of wanting God's deep rich perfume.
I crave the dark, the black, the silence,
    not the Light, the Word, nor his close presence.

 When, oh when, will I ever see
                  He only does what's best for me?
When I am sick and laying in bed,
           shouldn't I turn my face to Him instead
                                           of moaning and groaning at the wall
                                                         loud enough to be heard by all
                                                  the people outside who look at me
                                                        glimpses of God hoping to see?
                                         God, help me to remember on the next round
                                             You are always close enough to be found.

I'm the one who moves, never You.
     So help me when my life's a stew
                             to come to you and search my deeper soul
                                                to root sin out thus making me whole,
                                                         and able, so straight and strong to stand
                                     whatever suffering falls to my hand.

                  I want to remember that suffering brings
                                 the best of me out of all these things
                          until my soul in freedom rings loud and clear
                                      tolling forever, "God is near, never fear
whatever life can bring your way
whatever can happen night or day,
    suffering only brings the sweeter joy:
   Christ's eternal presence to enjoy."


1. When something "wrong" happens, does it make you doubt or seek God?

2. How much time do you spend with God every day?

3. Are you aware of His presence throughout the day?

4. Do you share what He has done when trouble has happened?

5. Does God expected us to never cry in the face of trouble?

6. Do you have someone you can trust to listen and pray with you when you are troubled?

                   THE MUGGAWUMP

Wearily he sits firm upon the fence.
Staying there, wishing to be hence.
Mug on one side, wump on 't'ther.
The decision is something he'd rather not 'druther.

          Sitting in sadness like a shroud,
          Yet his voice is laughing right out loud.
         He’s a being of vast contradiction.
         His soul's grinding in constant friction.

                The double yoke pulls both east and west.
                Each thought sure it is the best.
               “Ah, his soul cries, “Follow the Light.
               Love the Lord with all your might!”

                                       “But,” says flesh, you’ll surely lose
                                         All chance to ever choose.
                                        The path you really wish to trod,

                                        Must be only near to God.

               Surely life is Honky-tonk lights
               Frantic pace filling the nights
               Just a drifting, willy-nilly life
               Hearing God less than even Lot's wife. 

         Like a ship tossed on a hurricane sea,
         His being wavers. Accept or flee?
        Get off the fence! Accept His Grace.
        He’ll lead you to your proper place.

Joy will flood your secret being
As you find you’re not His underling,
But poised beside Him in His reign
Forever free from the Mark of Cain.

                                                   The Bouncing Ball Prayer

I prayed to You,
             upon my knees.
My heart was broken into pieces small,
             tramped upon.
         By distress,

I'd prayed this prayer before,
                       after time
                                       after time.

                silence from Heaven was my only answer.
                                         Tell me.
                                  Answer me, please.
Yes, or no.
              Do it or don't.

                                        “Run from the very idea.”
                 Is it right, or is it wrong?
                                                Should I?
                                                              Shouldn't I?
                Like the widow,
                           I pound on the door of Heaven.
              my need's so great.

                                 Which of us will weary of my imploring?


                                                     From love for me.
              You are the Bread of Life.
                             You must open or close the door,
                                         for I cannot.

                                            I wait.

Psalms 27:14 - "Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen

thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD."

1. Do you fret or wait quietly for the Lord 's direction?

2. Do you try to get God to tell you something different?

3. Do you seek other's opinions? 

4. If yes, is that wrong?

5. How patiently do you wait for Him?

6. What decision were you either happy or sad to receive?