Remember, it's not the size of the church, it's the growing faith and outreach of your church. My idea for these poems is for each one to be read once at the beginning of whenever you begin your week. Then to mull over the questions one a day.  I plan to change these poems on a weekly basis. But, since I put this up, I have found that "life" has a different idea. Just read them and enjoy and grow closer to Our Father. 

                                   "Come As You Are"

As you are in the shower singing,
suddenly your phone starts ringing.
    Somewhat grumbled and dripping wet,
    you know that surely you can just bet,
        that standing there phone to ear
        this, my friend is what you'll hear.

               "Hello, my dear, what are you doing?
               Here's an idea I've been brewing.
                    How about us and all the gang
                    getting together for one big bang.
                          But there's one thing you oughta know
                          as you're dressed now is how you'll go."

                                            You stand there all flabby chested.
                                      Going thus you'd be arrested.
                         How glad you are that she can't see
                the fat beginning on the ole tummy.
        You clear your throat and reach out your hand
  to get your teeth from the black nightstand.

Reaching just a little more,
   you grab your robe from off the floor.
          Quickly running fingers through your hair,
           you sigh and whisper," Ah, there
      That's a much better face to show.
      "Pinched cheeks give a lovely glow."

                            God also invites each one of us
                             to come to Him without the fuss.
                             The dross of life to burn away,
                             like dirt and straw and so much hay.
                             He'll make our lives fit to His mold,
                             giving us works that turn to gold.

So come to Him just as you are.
          He'll take from you sin's marring scar,
                       throw it in the pit that quickly whirls
                    bringing forth diamonds, rubies and pearls.
            His is the Word that you can trust.

       I urge you, come now. You really must.

1. Who is Jesus to you?
2. Do you take the Biblical Scriptures as truth?
3. Do you believe accepting Jesus as your Savior will change your life?
4. Are you ready to leave things that don't honor Jesus behind you?
5.What have you done to further know Jesus?
6. If you already know Him, what are you doing to help others find salvation?

                           The Suit

Behold! The shield of the Lord!
Over the men who hide behind,
His words ring forth, loud and strong.
As he hides behind the shield.
           I know the way we should go
           for my faith is strong!
           My life is pure, without guile,
          open before the world.

God Himself gave me great intellect and ablity.
I am the one in whom you can trust.
Look to me and follow!
Rings the boastful voice confident and fearless.
        Those behind the throne have spoken with great wisdom
         as they pushed him on to the highest office in the great land.
         His words bounce back to him from the voices of the many who
         repeat his own words a glory to his ears.

one Voice rings out.
         The shield is shattered against the Truth.
         Tiny pieces of lies fall like ice crystals about him.
    Each crystal illuminates his false words, deeds, companions and beliefs.
        The words, the trappings of power,
           the friends with false support are gone.
              All that's left is an empty suit.

Come, it's not too late to hear the words of Truth.
For He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.
His way is easy and he makes the burden light.
The Truth is a surety for guidance in your steps.
His Light lifts you and guides you along the way.

          Psalm 10 John 14:6

1. How do you know which voice is encouraging you to do something: The Holy Sprit or the Enemy?
2. How much time in God's annointed scripture do you read in a day, or week, or month?
3. Are you able to present Salvation to those you meet?

4. Do you enjoy telling others about Christ, or are you embarrassed?
5. What in your life could be a Satan's hidden snare?
6. Have you found a church where stong and true teaching is in every activity of the church?

                                The Bouncing Ball Prayer

   I prayed to You, God, 
      upon my knees.
           My heart was broken
                                  into pieces small
                                                          tramped upon.
                                   My distress,

 I'd prayed this prayer before,

             silence from Heaven
               was my only answer.
Tell me.
             Answer me,
                                                     Yes, or no.  Do it or don't.

                    Even, “Run from the very idea.”

 Is it right, or is it
                                                  Should I?

                                                            Shouldn't I?
Like the widow, I pound on the door of Heaven.
                                 Lord, my need's so great.                                                                                              Which of us will weary of my imploring?


                                               You are the Bread of Life.
                                          You must open or close the door
                                                         for I cannot.

                                We wait. Some in fear, some in anticipation.

Luke 18:3-5

 1. Did you know this verse, before you read it, was about Jesus' second coming?
2. How deep is your dependence/desire for Jesus ' return?
3. Are you ready should He come today?
4. How do we resist the temptation that "He's not coming yet?
5. If you go through the times before he comes (be it before, during or last) is your faith strong enough to walk beside Him through what ever comes?
6. Is your faith strong enough to endure even if you are ultimately abused and possibly beheaded for your faith?

                   THE MUGGAWUMP

Wearily he sits firm upon the fence.
Staying there, wishing to be hence.
Mug on one side, wump on 't'ther.
The decision is something he'd rather not 'druther.

          Sitting in sadness like a shroud,
          Yet his voice is laughing right out loud.
         He’s a being of vast contradiction.
         His soul's grinding in constant friction.

                The double yoke pulls both east and west.
                Each thought sure it is the best.
               “Ah, his soul cries, “Follow the Light.
               Love the Lord with all your might!”

                                       “But,” says flesh, you’ll surely lose
                                         All chance to ever choose.
                                        The path you really wish to trod,

                                        Must be only near to God.

               Surely life is Honky-tonk lights
               Frantic pace filling the nights
               Just a drifting, willy-nilly life
               Hearing God less than even Lot's wife. 

         Like a ship tossed on a hurricane sea,
         His being wavers. Accept or flee?
        Get off the fence! Accept His Grace.
        He’ll lead you to your proper place.

Joy will flood your secret being
As you find you’re not His underling,
But poised beside Him in His reign
Forever free from the Mark of Cain.

                                 THE REQUEST

She walked slowly to the doorway
     misery her only companion,
          despair her guide.
Her shoulders slumped under the burden of the hopelessness.
She lifted a weary foot to cross the threshold--
lest her sole brush the doorsill
             angering the god within to rise up against her,
           antagonizing him into denying her request.

The temple interior was dimly lit.
The air was cold

There was no warmth of welcome.

The first god stared from a green face
      as she poured forth her heart shattering load.
               Which crashed against ears impotent to hear.

The temple interior was dimly lit.
The air was cold
There was no warmth of welcome.

The first god stared from a green face
        as she poured forth her heart shattering load.
                     Which crashed against ears impotent to hear.

She lit a slender stick of sweet incense
                             said to be this god's favorite scent.
The smoke drifted in a slim column toward the ceiling
                     where it joined its brothers,                 

                                 to form a cloying cloud above her bowed head.

She sobbed her last sigh,
                         touched her greying bun of hair wound tightly against the nape of her neck,

                                                                                                          and rose to face another god.

The flaring nostrils of this one declared cruelty.
    His eyebrows slashed hatred across his countenance.
      His eyes blazed red.
        The set of his lips showed

Yet she knelt,
in supplication.
She lit another incense taper,
                    placed it carefully in the urn between them.
She looked up.
             Her eyes brimmed with tears
         as she slowly cried her request.

And so she knelt before each of the gods
       within this small temple on an unpaved road.
     Its' doorway almost hidden by the squalor before it.
But she knew it was there
                        with its thirteen gods
                                     to be coaxed,
                                                              to grant her request.
                                                                            to be
                                                              bribed with sweet morsels
                                                        and aromatic incense into
                                                                      granting the request tearing from her heart.

    Her hoard of incense dwindled to one last stick
       to be placed before this
               last hope.
   Those hopes which she had carefully guarded from being
had diminished to one last insistent flame throughout her
to keep her bent
             before a god who stared
              out into the room
                        his eyes forever above her head.
His feelings about the request hidden
              behind a plaster face which showed
                                                no compassion,
                                                               no care,
                            no love.

As the vapor from the last incense tapor curled upward,
she turned to go.
           The burden of her request still rested
                           upon her careworn shoulders.

She left the temple behind her knowing
her request would go unheard,
       trapped in the smoke lazily floating to the ceiling.

How shall they call up Him
          in whom they have not believed?
And how shall the believe
           in whom
                    they have not heard?
                                                       How shall they hear
                                                                                 without a preacher?

                 Who shall I send?      

                                          Romans 10:14 and Isaiah 6:8

1  Is any Christian exempt from sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ?

2. What is the number one way to prepare to give the Good News?

3. Why are we afraid to share His Good News, especially in the United States?

4. Do you really understand the Holy Spirit is right there with you helping you?

5. Does it make any difference where you "start" telling others about Him?

6. What will you do when, as you, begin sharing His Word, Satan attacks you?